Scout leader presents book

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013


IMPARTING positive character to children and students enables them to achieve stability after school, says Scouts chief commissioner Major Sere Kala.

Because of the growing interest among male students to join the Scouts movement at the Lae Secondary School, Kala was invited to present a Scouts leader’s handbook to leader Alfred Tei on Monday.

Kala said character was crucial in determining a person’s destiny in life.

“Character is an issue among young people and students in society that requires education authorities to collaborate with human development agencies to find alternatives,” he said.

“The Scout and Girl Guide organisations recognised by an Act of Parliament are prepared at all times to contribute necessary skills to develop young people.”

He said young people would rise tomorrow to change for the better if properly nurtured.

“Young people have the power and this power can be directed and utilised positively and appropriately with a sense of responsibility to develop the country, instead of misusing their power,” said Kala.

Kala was accompanied by national trainer James Uwisa, provincial field commissioner James Masia and First Salvation troop leader, Steven Sovi.

Tei said there was a growing interest in the Lae Secondary School about joining the Scouts.