Scrutineers want officials removed

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 11th, 2012

COUNTING of the Rigo open seat boxes was stopped for a few hours yesterday when scrutineers asked some counting officials allegedly associated with certain candidates be removed.
Counting was stopped during the counting of box two from the Golupulu area to Kwikila Station.
Scrutineers alleged that the officials were from Kwikila station and Giabada area.
They said in their petition they had evidence that the particular counting officials were not counting the ballot papers properly.
Returning officer Virgil Waisa confirmed that he had received an eight-point petition from the scrutineers and is seeking legal advice on it.
Waisa said the officials concerned had been removed from the room allowing counting to resume.
After count three, Ano Pala was leading with 1,279 votes followed by Kila Daba on 887, Turai Elemi with 869, Kini Vini 569 and Dibara Yagabo on 470.
Waisa said box number three was for the area stretching from Dirinumu to Kapogeri.