SDAs raise funds to get US telecast

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday 17th November 2011

THE Seventh-Day Adventist church in East Sepik raised more than K58,000 in another praise and give fundraising drive last Saturday to bring the 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) extension service from the United States of America to Wewak.
SDA churches in all districts gathered at the Gander Memorial church in Wewak and contributed to help bring the radio and television network so that God’s gospel and their powerful message could be delivered to everyone wherever they were.
Chairman Damien Wabi said the church would still need K150,000 to bring in 3ABN from the US and would continue with fundraising next year in order to buy equipment for the purely evangelistic mission.
He said this was a life-changing project and the church was embarking on a faith budget and through God’s grace and people’s commitment; “we will light up homes in Sepik and adjacent regions”.
He thanked West Sepik Governor Simon Solo for honouring his commitment of K50,000 and appealed to the Sepik SDA community in the country and abroad to help this worthwhile cause.
Anyone willing to help in this faith project can contact the chairman Damien Wabi on 7175 5374 or funds can be deposited into 3ABN Wewak, account No.13811379, ANZ Wewak branch.