Sea cucumbers survey starts

National, Normal

The National, Friday October 11th, 2013


A TEAM from the fisheries management Unit at the National Fisheries Authority is in East Sepik to survey coastal villages and outer islands of Wewak for sea cucumbers.

The team comprising 12 officers started the survey last Monday.

Team leader Rickson Lis said the survey was a follow-up from one carried out in 2010.

Lis said they would also be carrying out research in places they visit.

“It is an annual programme in which our unit is tasked to visit all maritime provinces,” Lis said 

He said the purpose of the survey was to see if there were any sea cucumbers  on the sites since the closure of harvesting in 2010.

He said harvest was expected in 2015.

“While doing the survey, we made local communities aware of the importance of the survey and research,” he said.

“Sea cucumber is your recourse on which your livelihood depends, so look after it,” the officers told the people.