Seasonal workers will get extra training

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 PEOPLE wanting to be included in the seasonal workers scheme will have to be screened by a local community selection panel, a staff says.

The panel will consist of a pastor, village leaders, chief, ward councillors and any authority living in that community who can vouch for the individual, a staff with the national employment division responsible for processing and screening applicants said.

The source, who did not want to be named, said that was important so that the community would take responsibility for the actions of the applicants.

This is based on a newly-signed memorandum of agreement between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea after the first six workers were sent last year.

The arrangement for seasonal workers in Australia differs from New Zealand. New Zealand had a better structure where licenced seasonal employers gave their workers extra training, Recognised Seasonal Employers relationship manager Lafaele Lupo said. 

Lupo said it was all about strengthening the Pacific partnership.

“It is about enhancing life skills for those considered push-outs but have the desire and skills. The programme is called industry training organisation and has levels one to three,” he said.

“There are diploma to degree courses offered and workers who successfully complete the courses are eligible to work anywhere in the world.” 

He said 8,000 was the maximum number New Zealand could employ under the Regional Seasonal Employers of which PNG was a member.