Seba villagers await NDB’s okay

Normal, Papua

The National- Monday, February 7, 2011

 THERE are many villages in Central that are still finding it difficult to access services and participate in the economic growth that is being experienced in Port Moresby. Many of them wait for their politicians to help them out while others initiate projects but still seek a little help.  

One of these villages is Seba in inland Rigo district. Seba has a population of 400 and it is trying hard to get its pineapples to trade at the markets in Port Moresby or to sell to hotels, supermarkets or even learning institutions. 

For a good yield of pineapples the villagers need funds to buy farm equipment and a chemical (ethrel) to treat the  plants. 

Their politicians have not assisted them and the commercial banks cannot help them and now they have turned to the National Development Bank (NDB). 

The local NDB branch has worked closely with them, however, the “okay” has to come from the head office.

“We are waiting for that decision on a K10,000 loan application for 20 farmers to effect their plans,” spokesperson Ivai Iakeri said last Wednesday.

Iakeri, also said a company working with the LNG project has given them a verbal ‘okay’ to supply fresh fruits and pineapples to for workers. But they are still waiting for the approval from NDB.