Second chance possible as adult centre opens


THE newly established Keta Adult Learning Centre will help people in Dei electorate of Western Highlands continue their education and learn to read and write.
The centre opened last week with 90 students enrolled.
It becomes a feeder centre for the Kuli Technical Education Vocational Training (Tevt) in Jiwaka where grades 10 and 12 can upgrade their marks.
Centre founder Andrew Timb said the Keta centre would help people get a second chance.
He said in education no one was a failure and it was important for people to shape their lives to make their dreams a reality.
Timb said many believed that once they had been pushed out by the system their chances of success were lost.
“This is not true as there are opportunities created and you have to try and make your way to the top,” he said.
“No one will do it for you if you become a spectator.”
Timb said many elderly people have enrolled to be taught reading and writing and the English language.
He described the centre as opening new opportunities for people.
He said for the grades 10 and 12 leavers, after upgrading their marks, can enrol at the Tvet centre to study tourism, computing, carpentry, motor mechanic, fisheries and other courses.
He said the people at Keta Kori village, Dei electorate, and other parts of the province should enrol to make education their priority.

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