Second Covid-19 wave not easing

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THE second wave of the Covid-19 spike in Papua New Guinea is not showing any signs of easing, with 117 new infections reported on Thursday and Saturday, raising the country’s total infections to 1,583 cases.
National Pandemic Response Controller spokesman Chief Supt Dominic Kakas said in a statement the latest cases were reported on Saturday in five provinces: West Sepik (15), Madang (eight), Morobe (three), National Capital District (NCD) (27) and Western Highlands (one).
The NCD continues to lead in infections on Saturday with 13 men and 14 women aged 28 and 64 testing positive for the Covid-19.
Eighteen cases showed symptoms of the Covid-19 while nine were asymptomatic at the time of testing. West Sepik has 10 men and five women aged between 33 and 66 infected.
Madang had seven men and a woman aged between 30 and 49 testing positive for the virus.
Seven them had come into contact with previous known cases.
A 25-year-old woman from Mt Hagen was the only reported infection in Western Highlands.
She had come into contact with a known Covid-19 case.
Meanwhile, the surge in the number of infections has prompted National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning, to call on citizens to faithfully adhere to hygienic measures in the new normal.
“Our best defence is to protect ourselves and our loved ones by strictly following all the Covid-19 health protocols,” he said.
“By now, people should know that Covid-19 is real.
“It is not a joke or a laughing matter.
“I am alarmed at the unusually high number of deaths around the country.
“Whilst we have not yet confirmed the cause of death in many of these cases, the possibility that the Covid-19 could be responsible in some of them cannot be ruled out.”
“So please protect yourselves from the Covid-19.
“By taking measures to protect yourselves, you are also protecting others around you as well,” Manning said.
The country’s Covid-19 cases stand at 1,583 infections with 16 deaths.


  • Currently some of the not aware of the pandemic and think that nothing will happened but in fact the disease is flow like some of the other diseases but its more deadlier then others.
    I implement the guide that COVID_19 controllers strictly enforce the protocols in the public show that some people will be aware and know.

  • Too much talk about wearing mask and washing hands, what about when you feel sick and have the symptoms, what do you do before you decide to go to a hospital, are there any natural plants to take or medicine to take to ease the symptoms, why not talk about those treatment rather than promoting only the mask and washing of hands. Planti man kus na sotwin ya em ol kisim pinis covid, but they decided to take natural herbs and other stuff to ease their symptoms and they recovered without going to a hospital so what is the panic about, are you gonna become a zombie the instant you contracted the virus. Those who contracted the virus and isolated, what exactly did they take and eat to recover, tell us if it is different from what those at home are doing with natural remedies.

  • Another lock down is imminent, however, how about those low income earners who works in pokies, clubs, and bars? We fear more in being infected from COVID-19, but we forgot some of these struggling people will die from hunger than from COVID-19. Government should reconsider and intervene. Come up with some ways to let these people stay at work instead.

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