Second escapee shot

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A SECOND escapee from Buimo was shot and recaptured by Lae police at the Bumyong market over the weekend.
The first one was recaptured at the Top-town bus stop last Thursday.
Since last week, police and correctional officers had formed a joint task force unit (JTFU) to track down the remaining escapees who were on the run.
The JTFU has received logistical support from the Morobe provincial government and the Lae Chamber of Commerce to effectively carry out the search operation.
The unit will search every home, suburb and hiding places and will be conducting raids at various possible location where they believe the escapees will be hiding.
The operation will go on for 21 days and over the festive period.
Momase regional acting police commander Giossi Labi said the recent mass breakout was the single largest at one time and had created uneasiness and fright among business houses and the general community in the city.
Mr Labi is appealing to the general public in the city and the surrounding communities including Wau, Bulolo and Nawaeb areas for assistance in recapturing these escapees.
“These escapees are a threat to the communities and the country as a whole.”
He said every remedial and drastic strategic effort must be executed to restore peace and harmony.
Last week’s break out at Buimo jail is the third in the past 12 months.
Mr Labi said that 22 of the escapees were convicted prisoners who had committed serious crimes like willful murder, sexual penetration, armed robbery, in possession of dangerous and offensive weapons and drugs.
The other 52 were remandees.
The longest serving prisoner who escaped was serving his 40 years for sexual penetration and murder; while the shortest was serving three months for discharging a firearm.
The escapee who was shot dead during the breakout was in remand for armed robbery while the other two who were injured were in remand  for armed robbery and murder.