Second most common killer in PNG

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BREAST cancer is now the second most common killer disease among women in Papua New Guinea – cervical cancer being the first.
That is the word from Joyce Madu, who is the founder of the Port Moresby Breast Cancer Foundation.
Mrs Madu, a breast cancer survivor, says that more women in PNG are dying of breast cancer because of lack of awareness.
In a first of its kind initiative, Colgate Palmolive Ltd has taken the initiative to support and sponsor the breast cancer awareness in partnership with the Port Moresby Breast Cancer Foundation as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
This is the mission that Colgate Palmolive is on, in one of its community support programmes.
“There are four stages to the development of breast cancer and it is quite saddening that the majority of diagnosed cases are found out in the late stages, three and four, leaving women with little or no hope of recovery.
“Awareness of this disease must be taken to every woman in the villages, cities and communities. It must be aired on every media, so that not only should our women be educated but the men as well, of the signs, dangers and support that is needed,” Mrs Madu said.
This month, the BCF and Colgate Palmolive will be visiting communities, business houses and church groups, to spread awareness.
Currently there is only one mammogram machine – a special breast x-ray that is used to look for signs of breast cancer – and this machine is at the Pacific International Hospital.
Rotary PNG donated one mammogram to Port Moresby General Hospital but there is no specialist to operate it.
The Breast Cancer Foundation office is located at the PMGH cancer ward and can be contacted on phone 311 3286 or 324 8100.