Second tanker hits B’ville reef

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A SECOND oil tanker hit the reefs of Pokpok Island last Thursday night about a kilometre from the Kieta port in Central Bougainville and was rescued last night.
mv Queen, believed to be an Asian vessel, was sailing into Central Bougainville in an attempt to hose out oil from an old tank at the once Bougainville Copper Limited, Lolo Power Station.
The tanker was saved by a tug boat last night and is sailing back home.
The first tanker sailed into Lolo about a month ago, hosed out oil and created a leak between the tank of oil and Lolo wharf, splattering oil all over the Lolo coast line and nearby villages.
The tanker’s missions were business deals organised by known Bougainvilleans of Central Bougainville between overseas companies, likewise with scrap metal, which are now affecting the people and surrounding environments.
The people of Pompom Island, Suzerain and nearby coastlines are now demanding K1 million as a result of damages to their marine resources and sea water.
A petition has been delivered to the Central Bougainville Commissioner and the North Nisei council of elders (COE), demanding for the compensation to be paid immediately and for the tanker to be compounded by authorities concerned before mv Queen leaves Papua New Guinea waters.
Chairman of North Nisei COE John Donna supported the petition, adding that the ABG was not taking into consideration the seriousness of the problems.
Mr Donna, who witnessed the tanker lying along the reefs of Pompom Island, said he was not sure whether the authorities knew about the organised vessels sailing into Central Bougainville in search of wealth.
“I am also concerned whether regulations concerning such deals are complied with.
“With the oil tanker mv Queen now returning, the people are now angered by this situation demanding for the tanker to be located and impounded,” he said.
Mr Donna said such deals had been ongoing and the people were frustrated.