Secondary school teacher praises OBE

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013


Kilakila Secondary School deputy principal academic Francis Saju commended the outcomes based education (OBE) curriculum as it practically develops students’ understanding of an issue. 

 He said this at the Grade 9 identity show where students presented their personal development assignments for assessment under the topic “Exploring our Identity”. 

He said with the curriculum, it had introduced subjects such as personal development to better equip students with broader understanding of their culture and led them to live a better life. 

He said most students in National Capital District lived in the city and did not really understand the value of their culture and personal development helped them to understand that at the school level.  “This is one privilege of OBE for including such subjects in the curriculum,” he said.

When clarifying OBE from Universal Basic Education, Saju said they were two different things. 

“OBE is the curriculum while UBE is the policy that is introduced by the government to provide inclusive education and quality from elementary up to secondary level.

“A lot of parents still do not understand the concept of UBE and Tuition Fee Free (TFF) in high schools and secondary schools, which have them enrolled whether it be selected or not.”