Secondary schools receive new trucks

Highlands, Normal

TWO secondary schools in Nipa-Kutubu received a brand new school truck each from the rehabilitation of education sector improvement (RESI) funds.
District administrator Robin Pip purchased the trucks last week in Mt Hagen and delivered them to Nipa Secondary School and Kutubu High School respectively.
The trucks cost K160,000 each.
Mr Pip told The National he was delighted to deliver an important asset to the schools that would ease the burden of transporting school supplies, students and teaching staff to and from school.
Mr Pip said local MP Philemon Embel facilitated the allocation of the RESI funds for schools in his electorate.
Mr Pip said Mr Embel and his joint district planning and budget priority committee prioritised education and health under its five-year district plan.
The delivery of the school trucks were in line with the plan.
He said other schools that would be receiving RESI funds are: K300,000 to Nipa Secondary School, K240,000 to Egenda Primary School, K 200,000 Kar Primary School, K200,000 Bukula Primary School, K200,000 Kapit Community School, K200,000 Pumbral Primary School and K200,000 to Askam Primary School.
Another K50,000 would be given to the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) as a subsidy to freight school and health supplies, teachers and health workers in and out of the Mt Bosavi area.
Mr Pip said more than K2 million had been allocated for health services in the electorate, including church- run institutions.