Secretaries receive awards after skills test

National, Normal

The National, Friday 18th November 2011

THE Papua New Guinea Association of Administrative Professionals has honoured its outstanding members who excelled in a skills assessment test.
At a dinner, six women who took part in the assessment out of 22, were declared winners based on their performance in the test on five topics with an overall score out of 100.
Adviser and coordinator of the association Mea Lou said the purpose of the assessment was to enhance self-confidence and excellence in the participants.
She said it would make them better appreciate themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and should improve the quality of their personal development and their organisations and departments.
The topics included basic secretarial skills, personality, management ability, problem solving and foresight, communication and job evaluation and satisfaction.
All six women scored above 70%.
Henao Peruka from the Education Department took the outstanding professional in the junior category awards.
Rhonda Tiana from the Department of Work’s transport division was first runner up and Caroline Elijah was second runner up.
Outstanding professional award in the senior category went to Marianne Evenette from the West New Britain provincial administration.
The first and second places went to Marianne Heni from the Department of Prime Minister and NEC and Elsie Gitiri from the Department of Education.
The prizes included a computer with a printer,  laptops, cameras and a Blackberry phone.