Secretary Bais sees a new era dawning for women’s soccer


SATURDAY’S Women’s National Soccer League kick-off will be the beginning of a new era in sports around Papua New Guinea, according to an official.
Community Development, Youth and Religion Department secretary Anna Bais said the league marked an important step in the country’s bid to empower women through sports.
“Our women are the Pacific queens, they have put us on the regional stage,” she said during the league’s launching in Port Moresby on Thursday night.
“We’ve had our journey in terms of gender equality and PNG has its own story.
“We know that there’s still a lot of work that we need to do but we reflect on all the achievements and challenges in sports.
“In our country, we see women who are pilots, engineers, and rugby and soccer players.
“We see many industries that are male-oriented but we now have women making a name for themselves in those professions.
“The story for women in soccer is a proud one for PNG because many of those who are playing are village women and girls.
“Times have changed, this is the dawn of a new era.
“If there’s a team who can keep us up there (among the top countries), I believe it’s our women in soccer.”
Bais challenged the PNG Football Association to create partnerships between the public and private sectors as part of an effort to involve more women in the league.
She said the league had the power to inspire leaders to address the social issues faced by women in PNG.


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