Secretary calls for positivity


THE Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) is maintaining communication with higher education institutions to ensure steps are being taken to prevent Covid-19 infection.
DHERST secretary Fr Jan Czuba said even though adjustments were made for the academic year, it was important that people remained positive.
“All higher education institutions and students are being informed directly by me on a regular basis,” he assured parents and the public.
Fr Jan said his staff at DHERST stood ready to provide the necessary support to institutions and students.
“DHERST made itself ready and took steps to maximise the effectiveness of remote working options during any crisis,” he said.
He said DHERST staff would telecommute (working remotely) using telephones and laptops with internet connection.
“When students, staff and their families’ health is compromised, our entire higher education sector is at risk.”
Fr Jan said effective communication was crucial in times of crisis.
“It is inevitable that all of us are going to experience some tough times, and that all of us are going to be hard one time or another, the most important thing about making it through these difficult times is how we approach it,” he said.