Secretary challenges new staff to take roles seriously

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Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) Acting Secretary Aihi Vaki has urged new public servants to take their work seriously.
Vaki said the employees came from different public and private sectors and university backgrounds and were part of the department’s public sector workforce initiative to improve the workforce system.
He urged the trainees to prioritise and be serious about their work because they would be dealing directly with leaders  and people in rural villages and communities.
DIRD gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) policy adviser Daniel Isaac told the inductees that first and foremost, they should believe in themselves and their potential.
“Respect yourself first as you are confirmed to serve the public service mandatorily – the rural masses – with complete commitment,” Isaac said.
“Ensure to replicate it towards your colleagues, supervisors and clients while serving DIRD.
“Live the moment – do your roles and carryout your responsibilities to the best of your ability.
“Do your best each day. Adhere to the public service laws and regulations.
“Have a vision, dream and goals in life.”
The 16 DIRD employees went through a public service induction course in a week, training was provided by the Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration on different types of government processes and how they can serve the 111 MPs, provincial and district administrators including finance managers to effectively deliver basic services to the people.