Sector to focus on effective leadership

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

HEALTH secretary Pascoe Kase says they will be focusing on effective leadership and good management in the health sector this year.
Kase said the national health plan 2011-2020 would be their guide, with the emphasis on primary health care for all and service delivery to the rural majority and urban disadvantaged.
He said the seven key priorities were:

  • Free primary health care and subsidised specialist care;
  • Health infrastructure rehabilitation;
  • Health workforce development;
  • Medical supply distribution and equipment;
  • Provincial Health Authority implementation;
  • Support to the Church Health Services; and
  • Improved governance.

He said the implementation of free primary health care and subsidised specialist services in 2014 was an historic policy initiative.
Kase said it was an important step toward achieving universal health coverage in the country.
“The increased demand for services arising from the free primary health care policy needs to be matched by quality service.
“The funding for the construction and maintenance of district and rural infrastructure was the responsibility of the provincial governments.”