Security along h’way big issue: Firm


SECURITY along the Highlands Highway is a big issue for trucking companies using the road to transport cargo to and from Lae to the Highlands, PNG Road Transport Association (RTA) president Jacob Luke says.
Luke made the statement during the RTA meeting of trucking company owners on Monday in Lae.
He said about 90 per cent of trucking companies using the national highways were based in Lae.
“Now everyone (transport businesses) is gone and few people that are here now these are the only ones that are carrying this country,” Luke said.
All mining companies, export companies and everyone else that lives along the highway relies on this group.
“We are only humans and if ever way we are frustrated we can call it a quits and when that happens this country comes to a standstill,” he said.
“Really doesn’t matter which Government gets in, it is a mandatory, it is our right to have good roads for our people which is not coming.”
He said the Government’s slowness in fixing the roads was affecting transport companies with trucks regularly robbed.