Security to be boosted after violence


AFTER violence in certain codes flared up at the PNG Games, the council will ensure that security is beefed up to ensure safety of players, officials and fans, PNG
Games sports director John Susuve says.
“The PNG Games Sports Directorate has taken steps to raise security after we’ve seen incidents
of violence at the Games,” Susuve said.
The Southern Highlands nines Team attacked NCD after they were beaten 16-12 in extra time of the bronze medal playoff last Friday.
“Security should be the biggest concern because we have mothers, children and people from all walks of life here in West New Britain to enjoy the Games.
“West New Britain is a peaceful province and they want to enjoy as much as possible and there are other provincial teams and their fans who have not conducted themselves well. Everyone has to understand that safety is very important.
“Strengthening security will not only ensure safety at the venues but also minimise the risk of violence.
“We’ve spoken to the host organising committee to beef up security, especially at finals and medal playoffs.
“As the PNG Games Council and the Host Organising Committee we have to ensure there order so we don’t see what happened last Friday in the nines competition happen again,” Susuve said.
“I want to appeal to all provinces to get out there, be happy and accept the decisions. Whether its right or wrong, the decision is already being made and we all have to stand by it and respect it, there are processes to follow because at the end of the day there has to be a winner and a loser,” Susuve said.