Security check at Angau a concern


THE company providing security at Angau Memorial Hospital needs to run courses for its guards on how to deal with people at a Government facility.
Every day you will notice people queuing up outside the gates going through all sorts of security checks before entering hospital premises.
Apart from bag searching, some guards even ask personal confidential questions.
This even goes to the extent of a sick person having to tell the guards why he/she needs to seek to seek medical treatment.
Some questions indicate the level of intellect of these guards.
Last week I was bringing food for my sick wife at post-natal ward when these guards refuse my entry into the hospital.
I only wanted to deliver food.
It was only 7.30pm.
I had to try other means to have the food delivered.
This is seriously unfair and totally depriving my rights and those of my sick wife to eat.
The security company must educate their guards on common courtesy.
Remember that a public hospital is not a commercial trade centre where security guards can block access to patients and visitors at their whim.

Rights Abused Citizen