Security concerns not given priority

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 WHEN the PNG LNG deal was first signed between the government, landowners, financiers and the developers, the government gave security concerns top priority, or was it just interested in the billion bucks that was to be earned from the deal.

The security aspects involving such a multi-billion-dollar project is of a paramount importance, especially when the projects areas are located in more volatile area, it must be a top agenda by any government of the day when negotiating with stakeholders concerned.

Does the government employ security consultants or advisors and if it so, did they give the right advice to the government about sensitive landowner issues within the mine and projects sites located all over PNG?

It seems like we have not learnt yet from the Bougainville crisis and the government must envisage the future and be guided by the Bougainville scenario prior to arising to any project agreement.

We must always bear in mind that different ethnic groups have their own languages, cultures and behaviour therefore behave in their own different ways. 

The government must ensure that every one’s interests within the project areas are considered prior to kick start any projects. 



Steven Supi Palisa