Security firms urged to work with police to combat crime


Security firms are responsible for protecting the areas they look after, National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi says.
He said police would be working closely with security firms to combat criminal activities in the city.
He said this following an alleged robbery last Friday at East Boroko where a security guard chopped off the hand of a suspect who attempted to steal a vehicle from an expatriate woman.
According to police, the woman was driving into the Peter Pan child care to pick her child when she was confronted by a number of armed youths.
It is alleged that the youths from a number of settlements in the city were trying to hold up the woman when the security guards ran out with bush knives and chopped off the right hand of one.
Police responded very quickly to the scene after they were alerted by an eye witness.
Turi said police surrounded the nearby settlement and arrested six suspects and they were  in custody.
Turi said the suspects involved were from Vadavada, Sabama and Gerehu.
He said police would step up operations within all settlements.
“They are lucky that our response was late. If we catch them red-handed, we will hit them hard,” he said.
Turi urged all security firms to assist police in fighting criminal activities.
“Police will not be everywhere. Most robberies happen because police are not around at the time.”
Meanwhile, Turi said the chopping off of a suspect’s right hand in Friday’s attempted robbery should be a lesson for other criminals in the city.

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