Security guard dies in hospital after being assaulted by unknown assailant


A SECURITY guard died in hospital from injuries he sustained from being chopped by an unknown assailant in Kiunga as he took a nap at 2am at the Kiunga Market in North Fly, Western, police say.
According to North Fly police commander Chief Insp Silva Sika, the guard, Foxcy Soi, 28, from Kuem village, Lake Murray local level government, Middle Fly, was sleeping on one of the market benches when he was attacked by an unknown assailant, who hit him on the back. “His screams caught the attention of those who were still around the town area, including his two colleagues who had left the vicinity of the market to buy betel nuts from a vendor sitting in front of stores in Kiunga town,” he said. His colleagues came back and found him screaming in pain.
“They called their security base and police officers from the midnight to 8am shift, assisted and took the victim to hospital.
“The victim was still able to walk to the police vehicle and when police took him to the hospital he was able to walk into the hospital.
“However, he waited a while before he was attended to and died due to loss of blood,” Chief Insp Sika said.


  • Our so-called life savers are taking lives of the public, doctors and nurses.
    What is so important than a life that is about to be lost.
    Why can’t out ER be treated as an ER rather than a out-patient.
    This is not the first time and Health Authority should look into it and sack those murderers.
    They do not deserve to be called life savers, they should be replaced with more energetic young medical personnel. Get rid of aging staff.

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