Security guard joins race

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013


POLITICS may seem hard for ordinary Papua New Guineans but the local level government elections lowers the barrier and anybody can contest.

An example is John Aia, 32, a security guard with the Central provincial government for the past three years. 

Aia (pictured) is contesting the Woitape local level government ward five council seat for Fane in Goilala district.     

He told The National that he represented the little people in his ward and hoped to make a difference by working with youths and the churches to drive development.

He said there was no proper road to Fane and the station was run-down. 

Aia grew up in Fane village and moved to Port Moresby as a teenager to pursue a carpentry course at the Hohola Youth Development Centre. Upon completion, he returned to the village but moved back to Port Moresby three years ago to be employed as a security guard at the provincial headquarters at Konedobu.

Aia is up against seven other candidates for the Fane council seat.

He said he is prepared to work with whoever is elected LLG president if he wins.

Meanwhile, all candidates for the Goilala LLG elections completed their order of draws yesterday.