Security guard released after 11-day detention

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A SECURITY guard, who was arrested by police for the robbery at Hardware Haus on March 11, has been released without any formal charges.
Community Watch Security owner Francis Poiya said guard Willie Wimb was freed after an 11-day detention.
He urged police to discharge their law enforcing duties professionally.
“Mr Wimb was guarding Telikom depot in Mt Hagen city, Western Highlands province, on April 2 when Wapa Security Service personnel assaulted him and took him to the police station where he was locked up.
“They accused him of working with the 14 robbers who held up Wapa security guards and robbed Hardware Haus of chainsaws worth more than K40,000.
“Mr Wimb was one of the four people arrested and locked up in the police cells after a joint-operation launched by Wapa Security and police,” he said.
Mr Poiya said: “I am very upset that my security guard was badly beaten up and treated like a criminal by other security guards.
“Mr Wimb was falsely accused of the robbery and this has damaged my company’s reputation.”
He refuted a claim made by Wai Rapa, the owner of Wapa Security, in the media that some security firms did not screen their guards properly and employed criminals who used security firms as a front for criminal activities.
“I will be seeking legal action against Wapa Security for unlawful detention of my guard and for assault,” he said.
Mr Wimb said he was at his work station on April 2 when Wapa security guards started beating him up before taking him to the police station where he was locked up.
“They had mistaken me for another criminal, accusing me of the robbery at Hardware Haus,” he said.
Mr Wimb was released by police yesterday morning.