Security guards complete training

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The National, Friday 04th November 2011

WITH law and order issues on the rise in the country, the security industry is looking at ways to provide peace and harmony in communities.
Thirty-four security guards from the Pacific Corporate Services yesterday received certificate of attainment in security basics after undergoing a two-week training at their base at 6-Mile, Port Moresby.
The batch will be deployed to the three main areas they were assigned to during their training.
They will join the company’s 500 guards operating in Port Moresby.
The objective of the training was to instil in the guards skills and knowledge of security service and to strengthen manpower in the firm.
Topics covered in training were introduction to security, history, identification and definition and responsibilities, communication, Papua New Guinea law and offences, discipline and conduct, company policy and procedures and community relations.
Three women and 25 men are under a three-month probation before they are deemed qualified to work.
Among them are three drivers.     
Six-Mile police officer and guest Januarius Vosivai challenged the guards to consider the rights of the people and do their job with honesty and pride.
“You must consider the rights of the people when you are doing your jobs,” he said.