Security in place for Apec


SECURITY preparations and logistics are in place for the first meeting of senior officials from Apec’s 21-member economies next
week in Port Moresby, an official says.
The Informal Senior Officials’ Meeting (ISOM) on Tuesday and Wednesday will be the first time heads of the Apec’s core policy development forum will meet in Papua New Guinea, according to Apec 2018 PNG co-ordination authority chief executive Christopher Hawkins.
“Our task is to ensure that we create the logistics and security environment that enables officials to discuss and negotiate the Apec policy without interruption,” he said. “Prime Minister O’Neill is now the chair of Apec, and has made his expectations clear that logistics and security arrangements must be of the highest standard.
“This means ensuring airport movements, ground transportation, meeting rooms, accommodation, venue electronics and all other logistics and security elements are all in place and fully functional.
“There is high level co-operation between all of the government agencies to deliver this and all of the subsequent APEC meetings as we move towards the
Leaders’ Summit in November next year.
“There is particular focus on safety and security through the APEC PNG Joint Security Task Force headed by Police Commissioner Baki.”
The senior officials will travel to Madang on Thursday for a regional visit to have a stronger understanding of development in the province and experience local culture and hospitality.