Security units ready for Apec

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Papua New Guinea is projecting that Apec 2018 will be a low-threat environment, says Apec Minister Justin Tkatchenko.
He gave this assurance yesterday when opening the eighth security partners’ working group meeting.
“Our aim is that the men and women of our security services will never be called into action, but if they are, they will be ready,” Tkatchenko said.
“We cannot be complacent when it comes to the security of guests and world leaders when they come to Port Moresby.
“This must be one area PNG must take major control of.
“That is set as number one priority for the Apec leaders’ summit and the meetings leading up to the summit in November next year.
“The most important thing is to move things forward in the right direction, making sure that there is no stone unturned, and that all the fires are put out so we have a very successful meeting.
“With the support of the Australian and New Zealand governments, and all Apec economies, we will have one of the best Apec meetings.
“We are going to do it in a Pacific way.
“We are going to open our arms to all those who come to our shores of Port Moresby and PNG.
“We are going to work with NCDC and the city authorities, and all our people to be part of Apec 2018.”
Tkatchenko said the security partners’ working group had become one of the most-outstanding initiatives of PNG’s Apec preparations.
“By bringing together with the security planners from our region, we are working to ensure the safety and security of all Apec delegates, ministers and leaders,” he said.
“Every Apec year involves some element of joint security planning and operations, but this is more so the case for PNG’s Apec year.”
Tkatchenko said PNG would host Apec 2018 in a different way from other hosts.
“We will ensure that delegates, through to leaders, have a truly Pacific experience in the food, entertainment, and in the settings that meetings will take place.”

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