Seek divine intervention to change, says police


JIWAKA police commander Horim Piamia has called on the people to change their lives and turn to God for guidance to live better lives.
His New Year’s message was simple: “Life starts and ends with God so I urge everyone to seek divine intervention in 2019.
“Let’s do away with our bad habits and seek first God’s Kingdom.
“I don’t drink beer, chew betel nut, smoke and party because I know that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
“If people start to respect their body, then they can respect others and do the right thing.
“We can see healthy and smart individuals, and a peaceful Jiwaka, if people start respecting themselves.
“Life on Earth is very short.
“One day, we all will stand before God and give an account of our lives.
“God has extended our life this year.
“To thank Him, we must please Him in all our conduct.”
Piamia said Jiwaka was a peaceful place, but like all other provinces, it had its own share of problems.
He said the sale and consumption of alcohol was a major problem that needed the attention of all stakeholders.
“We need coordinated effort from police, our political leaders, relevant government authorities, non-government organisations and the community to control liquor operations in the province,” he said.
“We are living in the 21st Century.
“By now, people should now know how to drink responsibly.
“It’s really primitive when drunks cause public nuisance and disturb neighbours.
“A lot of the problems we experience are alcohol-related.
“It is time some of our people should stop drinking because they cannot control themselves and act foolishly.”

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