Seek God’s guidance to make decisions, MPs told


A church leader has called on the country’s politicians to seek divine guidance in making important decisions for the country.
Friends of Israel Ministry Ps Joel Lumi said leaders needed to uphold the Christian values and principles to save our country from degrading.
He said Papua New Guinea’s constitution was founded on Christian principles.
“We are a Christian democratic country. But the pillars of democracy enshrined in our constitution based on Christianity are falling apart,” Lumi said.
He said corruption had crept into high offices and the fabrics of the society was eaten away by moral decay.
“It is time we need to check our conducts. Our leaders must sit back and critically reflect on the journey we have taken as a country and capture where we are heading,” Lumi said.
“Things have clearly gone wrong somewhere that critical evaluation is needed for a progress to be made.
“Our founding fathers feared God and the constitution and acted accordingly, not much of this is the case today.
“We need to really embrace the Christian and Godly principles in all the systems of the government and the private sector so that the fear or reverence that comes out of it in serving the people would show out.
“If all people truly repent and do the will of the Lord, with our leaders taking a lead, we will rise to prosperity and all our problems that are pressing our nation down would be nothing in God.”

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