Seek help from police to address issues, says Tondop


PEOPLE who have issues back in the village or communities should seek help from the police to address them instead of taking them into their own hands, a senior police officer says.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Highlands, Eastern End, Joseph Tondop raised this when explaining that many people still did not understand how to address their problems properly using the laws.
ACP Tondop said in a recent killing in Jiwaka relating to a marital affair, the suspect should have left it to the law instead of allegedly taking revenge.
He said it was not the way to go as times were changing and retaliation often started tribal fighting and killing.
“Those days are over as we are living in a modern world and we have to lead by example by changing our ways of thinking and doing things,” ACP Tondop said.
“Nowadays, I do not understand what kind of people we are dealing with when it comes to payback killing and destruction of properties when the matter can be dealt with by the law once and for all,” he said.
He said people should learn from the outside world and look at how a society could prosper by handling their problems in a proper way.
ACP Tondop said the mentality of taking the law into their own hands was becoming very
common, especially in the Highlands.
“We have to change our ways of dealing with problems because just a simple mistake can affect hundreds of innocent lives and properties,” he said.
“If you see that police officers are not helping you then you can approach us at the top level to help you.”