Seeking truth on Catholic practices

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The National,Tuesday17 January 2012

I WAS born and brought up a Catholic and went to a Catholic school.
I had a strong feeling that the Catholic church was the only true church established by Jesus Christ Himself, so much so that I even went to the extent of persuading non-Catholics to join the church.
However, I have begun to question and have serious doubts about the Catholic teachings. There are some things that Catholics do which are against the laws of God.
Catholics believe and do things that do not have basis in the Bible.
These, they call them church traditions.
Having read through some publications, I have found these so-called church traditions to have roots in the ancient pagan worships.
They have been shrewdly dressed to appear acceptable.
My God-given brain convinces me that these are schemes sugared and salted by satan to sway God’s people.
There is a mistaken belief among the Catholics, perpetuated by the Catholic hierarchy that the pope is infallible.
This is totally absurd. Every human being is fallible or imperfect and cannot claim to be perfect.
The pope is a mere human being and therefore imperfect.
Since only God is infallible, this idea or belief of the pope’s infallibility insinuates deity of the pope, a truly mistaken belief.
Not long, Catholics will be urged to worship the pope and pray to him.
Well, priests call their bishops “My Lord” and probably secretly call pope their God. Something is not correct.
God is immutable and his laws are immutable.
He wrote his laws on stone tablets signifying the immutability and inviolability of his laws. Catholics have now seen fit to break his first law: “I am the Lord, your God, there’s no other god”, effectively precludes the worshipping, adoring, idolising, honouring, revering, venerating of and praying to any of his creations.
Catholics have openly defied God by making a god of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ in all his wisdom never made his mother to play any significant role in the evangelisation of His Ministry.
The Bible does not say much about her. She just paled into insignificance.
Now the Catholic authorities have made Mary an intercessor between God and his people, as though God is deaf and dumb.
God surely does not need a receptionist for his people to make an appointment to see Him.
Now a lot more people pray to Mary, whom Catholics reverently call the Queen of Heaven, than to God.
They genuflect and earnestly pray to Mary. Catholics kiss Mary’s statue. Catholics have already deified Mary.
This is dangerous as more people will pray to Mary because of their strong and mistaken belief in her motherly care and love.
God the Creator has already been made to pale into oblivion, as Mary supersedes his place.
We must be aware of satan’s sworn mission to make people disobey God’s commandments.
Catholic authorities have now elevated Mary, a mortal being who lived on this earth to the position of Queen of Heaven, to rule together with God.
 This is a total nonsense.
As to who becomes the queen of heaven and who goes there is God’s prerogative.
Popes, bishops and priests would be insane to believe that they have a part in deciding who gets to heaven.
Another of the Catholic absurdity is confessing sins to a priest.
There is absolutely no point in confessing one’s imperfections to a human priest who is just as sinful.
They cannot claim to forgive sins, as only a sinles God can.
Furthermore, priests cannot claim to be intermediaries through which God absolves people’s sins.
This is making a mockery of God.
You confess your sins directly to God and not to another sinner who is dressed in spotless white cloaks.
People are required to kneel down at the feet of priests seated on a stool, in humble reverence and plead for forgiveness. What a joke!

JK Himbiri
Komo, Hela provinc