Seeto Kui group launches wifi internet services

National, Normal

The National, Friday February 5th, 2016

 A GROUP of companies in Lae has launched its Wi-Fi internet service provider offering affordable rates and more megabytes to clients.

The Seeto Kui group of companies said it was a new challenge and venture for the company which once only sold rice and tinned fish. 

The MyNet wi-fi is a quality brand for ease of communication to save costs and promote efficiency.

Project manager George Barakat showed guests on Wednesday night a slide show of the technical side of the Wi-fi. The firm has set up “hotspots”  at the Angau Memorial General Hospital, Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium, Lae market, Eriku and Town bus stops.

Barakat said the “hotspots” around town would enable people to get minor signals.

“If I can get Lae city in the next 18 months, we should move without losing minor signals.”