Select examination markers properly


THE selection of teachers for Grade 10 national examination marking in secondary schools recently have posed a lot of questions.
Teachers teaching the lower secondary are selected overlooking the current grade specialised teachers.
Subject teachers of low performing subjects in certain schools are selected.
School administrators such as deputies are selected for marking.
They are not supposed to be selected for marking, the subject teachers are the ones.
The same markers are selected consecutively over the last number of years.
How can you motivate and develop the performing teachers in some of our top schools?
There are lack of quality checks on the selected teachers.
Some of the selected teachers have high absenteeism rates and are unfaithful to their duties in schools.
Subject such as religious education are not nationally examined, why are teachers teaching these subjects selected for marking?
What particular subject are they supposed to mark for their selection?
There are more teachers from one particular school.
For example; nine teachers in De La Salle Secondary School in Port Moresby are selected for marking where as other school in the country have less than two or no teachers.
This has never been done before.
Such a selection is chaotic as each schools in the country are expected to have equal opportunities to be selected.
The selected teachers should be published in the media for transparency and accountability.
Look at ways that will motivate and develop teachers.
Selection of teachers should be based on merit, such as qualification, experience, grade results, regions, grade teachers, performance and school recommendations.
I don’t see much of this at play over the years.
The national examination coordination should be putting more effort into coordination.