Selecting the markers not clear


Grade 12 marking is a yearly programme where grade 12 teachers are selected or appointed by either the respective school administrators or the measurement services division in Port Moresby.
The selection criteria used for selecting the markers is not clear.
It might be the prerogative of school administrators or measurement services.
Over the years, I have seen in many secondary schools where I have taught throughout the country, that the same teachers have been sent for marking every year.
This practice must be stopped immediately.
The opportunity must also be given to other hard-working colleagues in the same school or its department who have been teaching grades 11 and 12 for many years.
I have noticed bias or favouritism where the same teachers have been sent.
Whatever the criteria used, at least there should and must be fairness and equal opportunity given to other comrades.

Disappointed Chalk Dust,
Asa Sumbah

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