Selections next week

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SELECTIONS for Grade 12 students to tertiary institutions will begin on Nov 23- 27.
Assistant secretary for Education Department Ouka Lavaki revealed that almost 16,000 Grade 10 students enrol each year throughout the country but only 6,000 to 7,000 of them make it to Grade 11.
Mr Lavaki made this statement in Port Moresby last week at the De La Salle Secondary School third graduation to bring to light the real life situation.
He said about 21% of children in urban centres were out on the street without any form of education let alone with no bright future.
Mr Lavaki said this was because most of the people living in the area were illiterate and the number may be more in rural areas in the country.
However, he said the Government had come up with the initiative to help those illiterate parents who could not afford school fees for their children through the universal basic education (UBE) plan from 2010-19.
“Universal means free and that is why in 2010 all school-aged children from elementary to Grade Eight level will have to pay ‘very little money’,” he said.
Mr Lavaki said the Government was now focused on its development strategies for the 40-year plan from 2010-50, which aims for PNG to be a happy, wealthy and educated society.
He told the 125 graduating students to participate and share meaningfully to the country and the society they live in by using what skills they have acquired in the 12 years of their education and not to be lazy.
“It is a competitive world out there unlike before, so you have to work hard to get a form of employment to help you go on.
“You are a privileged batch of students who have gained quality education, so use that skill in life,” Mr Lavaki said.