Selectors are not interested in our local players

Letters, Normal

IN any sporting event where a nation’s pride is at stake, talented and skilled individuals vie for the honour to represent their nation.
This process has never been the case for the current Kumuls.
You cannot pick a national team after watching one match.
You cannot select a captain from overseas who is not playing in that nation’s premier league.
You cannot ignore the efforts made by local players in the bemobile Cup who have performed consistently and naming overseas players who have not been monitored by any of the selectors.
You cannot justify being a coach living abroad and arriving only for a week or two to prepare the Kumuls team.
I have nothing against the overseas-based players as long as they are the best available.
I just believe that we need more local players in the team.
Why weren’t more positions allocated to our local players is a question many are asking.
What was the justification for only eight positions being allocated to local-based players?
Menzie Yere and Charlie Wabo are now playing overseas, so there are only six local-based players in the team.
I watched the Residents and Internationals game and was not impressed by the Internationals.
They won because of the mistakes made by the Residents side and the poor conversion rate of the Residents.
By right, the overseas players should be heads and shoulders above the locals but I did not see that.
The Residents played a hard game and many of them were not only brilliant during that match but throughout the season.
Yet, they were ignored by the selectors.
What was more amazing was the fact that Gurias and Mioks each had only a player in the Kumuls side.
I wonder if the selectors had any input or was this yet another Adrian Lam and Bob Bennet show?
Who were the selectors?
Did they actually assess the overseas based players over a given period of time?
This is a national issue and PNG pride is at stake and we need the best possible players.
I suggest Michael Marum be appointed the national coach. 


Gary Juffa
Port Moresby