Selectors get training on State’s online system


SELECTORS of tertiary institutions have been introduced to the government’s online selection system in a two-day consultation workshop which started yesterday.
Facilitated by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, the workshop is to train and prepare higher education selectors on using the online selection programme.
“We are allowing them to come into the office if they are not confident with the software. They can log on, they will set their selection criteria for the programmes and then they will set their quota,” deputy secretary, operations, Steven Matainaho said.
He said nearly 100 selectors from 35 accredited institutions had already created accounts in the system.
“It is a consultation process where if they have any questions on how to use the software system, they can ask us. So we have allowed the in-house support service,” Matainaho said.
Matainaho said it was a new way of making selections for Grade 12 which addressed issues of accountability and fairness.
“The new system ensures that those who get good marks are selected. Good marks with the right subject combination, with the right criteria whether it be first preference, second or third,” he said.
He said the department has been getting a lot of positive public feedback through the different modes.