‘Self-belief,discipline key’


ACTING Chief Justice Les Gavara-Nanu says success is achieved through discipline, self-belief, hard work and commitment.
Gavara-Nanu, during the Legal Training Institution (LTI) trainees welcome ceremony in Port Moresby on Friday, urged the trainees to use and maximise their time in the institution.
“Our brain is the powerful tool and we must use it wisely and not to make it blunt by allowing negative thoughts in,” he said.
“We must train our brain not to give up.”
He said he had confidence in the trainees that they would successfully complete their training.
Comparing the number of trainees LTI accepted, Gavara-Nanu said during his time, 11 of them were accepted this had now increased to 83 trainees this year.
Solicitor General Tauvasa Tanuvasa told the trainees that LTI was only the tip of the iceberg and they must learn how to be competent.
Tanuvasa said: “Competency is all about not making errors and that should be learnt by doing it because the courts will always accept honesty.”
He urged them to practise and not just practice what they learn.
“Practise by getting up and repeatedly doing a thing until you are good at it and not practice which is the verb of carrying out a profession.
“We must learn by doing it and lift our frame works up a bit, improve our skills and avoid intellectualising things and excuse ourselves from actually doing it,” Tanuvasa said.
He told them not to waste time and resource but learn as much as they can at the slow phase as it was.
“We must learn how to walk because we must walk before we can run.” Tanuvasa reminded the trainees to treat their colleagues with respect because they would support each other into the future.
“It is not a competition and we must all work together to get a pass.
“I had my turn where I got my group and now they are all lawyers in their own rights,” he said.
Tanuvasa asked them to give up on excuses, self-doubt, fear of failure, procrastination, fear of success, negative thinking, negative self-talks, judgement of others, and negative people in their circles.
“You are not lawyers yet until you get admitted and the only way to achieve that is for you to make it happen yourself by giving up on certain things,” he said.
Tanuvasa in wishing them good luck, said he never stopped learning and was still learning and trying to adjust and they must do the same as learning never stops.