Selfish nature


No human being is fully free from discrimination because it is part of our selfish nature to prefer those of our own kind or whatever represents us.
In our local work environment, discrimination rears its ugly head from time to time and occurs when an employee is treated unfavourably because of race, ethnicity, relatively or hostility.
Hence, they may find themselves in a hostile work environment where harassment and discrimination interfere with their work performance or create a difficult or offensive work environment.
A manager, employer or superior should be aware of what constitutes discrimination, not only because their staff or subordinates deserve to be treated fairly and equally, but because they could be breaking the law too.
The God we believe in is unbiased and loves us equally without showing favouritism. As Christians, we should treat others the same.
Discrimination makes us judge others based on external factors or personal preferences and not on their character or merit.

White Falls