Sellers clean streets

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014

 YOUTHS doing their sales at the Mt Hagen City main market bus stop turned out in numbers last Friday to clean up the area and patch potholes there.

They used their own money to hire a dump truck to collect rubbish that has been piling up for more than three weeks.

The youths bought gravel to patch potholes at the  main bus stops.

They said they had been doing their sales regularly at the main bus stop and decided to clean the place. 

Spokesperson Honi Mafo said because they normally did their sales at the main bus stop they decide to clean it up because no one was going to do it for them.

“We have contributed from our own pockets to clean this place here. On many occasions our sales have been destroyed by police and city authorities but we are doing this to show the authorities that we are playing our part to keep the city clean and safe,” he said.

“We have decided to educate the public on how to keep the place clean and look after their rubbish.”