Seminary wants teachers with doctorates to teach pastors


Martin Luther Seminary principal  Dr Michael Wan has urged the Lutherans to use the 500th reformation occasion to reflect on the shortage of academics in the church.
Wan said since the start of the seminary in 1969, the institution had produced only four PhD holders. But two died recently – Dr Wesley Kigasung and Dr Zirajukic Kemung.
Wan raised the concern during Dr Kemung’s funeral service on Friday.
Kemung specialised in systematic theology.
Wan said the seminary needed academics with Masters and PhDs to teach pastors doing degree courses.
He said with social problems and cross-cutting issues triggered by development and technology, the church needed qualified pastors to uncover the root causes of the issues and to strengthen of human faith.
Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae urged church leaders and members to pray for a pathway that would encourage young elites to meet the need in the church.
Meanwhile, former Morobe Governor Luther Wenge urged Governor Ginson Saonu and the provincial executive council to take note of the issue.
“I urge Saonu to see the need of lecturers in Lutheran Church theology college and invest money from the Gerson-Solulu tertiary scholarships programme to enhance pastors to acquire
Masters and PhD degrees,” Wenge said.
“Despite political leaders, we are serving the people for the betterment of humanity and society, therefore, we cannot deny the fact of the reality in serving the faith of humanity.”

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