Semoso tribunal adjourns to July 16

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 9th, 2012

A DEFENSE lawyer has asked a leadership tribunal, hearing alleged misconduct in office charges against Bougainville regional MP Fidelis Semoso, to defer its ruling to after the polling.
This is because polling in the Bougainville Atolls was yet to be completed and he is a candidate.
The tribunal was to have delivered its ruling last Friday.
But Semoso’s lawyer Charles Mende asked the tribunal to defer its decision to July 16 when polling in the region should be completed.
He said in his earlier submission that his client was concerned that he would not be given reasonable opportunity to obtain votes from people if the tribunal handed down its decision before the end of the polling on Bougainville.
The tribunal agreed and adjourned its ruling to July 16.