Send unemployed people back home


MOST rural areas remain unchanged since Papua New Guinea gained Independence.
Our biggest problem is that our political leaders, bureaucrats and planners have failed over the years to guide PNG in terms of national, provincial and district development planning.
I say this because Bulolo has been neglected for far too long even though we host the Hidden Valley gold mine and now the Wafi-Golpu mine, Zeneg Chicken, PNG Forest Products, alluvial gold mining, coffee, cocoa, vanilla and other resources.
The national, provincial and district governments have treated us with disrespect up to date.
Our national, provincial and districts development plans and priorities should target key areas – roads and bridges, health, education, agriculture development, small to medium enterprises and law and order.
Unemployed people in urban areas should consider going back to their districts to work the land to sustain themselves as life in urban centres is very hard these days.
I suggest the Government make provisions in the provincial and district funds to allow our MPs to spend at least half a million kina every year under a five-year repatriation programme to send unemployed people back to their homes.
I once attended a world conference in Nigata, Japan, on population and employment and I know what am talking about.
Population and employment should be balanced and the Government should have a separate ministry to address these two important topics in PNG.
Right now, the nation’s population is growing every day and employment is declining. This is something our Government should address from next year onwards.
Our country is very rich with natural resources, but it needs leaders who can think and do things the right way.

Samson C Napo,
Former Bulolo MP


  • Well stated former MP, it’s time our leaders start thinking critically and make bold decisions without fear or favor.

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