Senior cop calls for streamlining of systems

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The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013

 A SENIOR police officer says some operation procedures and systems were too cumbersome and need to be streamlined.

Assistant Police Commissioner Jim Wan told a police conference in Lae that such systems would only create confusion, misunderstanding, communication breakdown and frustration among officers.

Wan said the procedures and systems needed to be fixed to allow a more organised operation.

He also pointed out that officers needed to pay attention to how they served the people every day especially at the front counter and how quickly they responded to complaints.

Wan said the police modernisation programme launched at Sir John Guise Stadium was the result of a police operation systems review in 2004 under then Police Minister Bire Kimisopa.

The review had 61 recommendations categorised into four areas – service delivery, corporate affairs, human resource and welfare and physical resource.

The main thrust was the community policing concept but the effort and approach towards public safety was not expected by the 


“Public do not want to become victims in the first place, therefore police need to instill public trust and confidence to ensure prevention prevail for public safety and protection,” Wan said. 

He said unproductive officers from various units were often dumped at the front counter.