Senior police officer changes community

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A SENIOR police officer in Madang has done a tremendous job by addressing issues within his community which has seen much improvement.
Snr Const Adam Yawing, who has lived in a settlement in Madang  and heads the “keeping the community safe programme” in the settlements, has brought changes in the settlements.
The youths have cut down on their illegal production and consumption of homebrew and drugs and are trying to improve their lives.
The ward eight and 10 cover the crime hotspots area of Biliau Mausrot, Twenty-Six, Public Tank, Mero and DCA compound to airport and the James Barnes and Jant and Madang timber have seen youths giveup illegal activities since the start of the programme.
Mothers in the area said: “It’s been a long time since we were able to sleep soundly.
“For many years we had to bear the noise and music created by youths under the influence of homebrew and marijuana.”
Lucy Noby and Maria Manda who thanked Snr Const Yawing for their good work, said they were now enjoying their sleep.
“There is no noise, there is no swearing and no production and consumption of homebrew and we are very pleased and happy with your work,” they told him.
“Son, my husband and I are really pleased with your good work,” Mrs Noby added.
The mothers also conveyed their gratitude to provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr for allowing Snr Const Yawing to be based with them.
They also called on the authorities to re-open the airport police station so that Snr Const Yawing and his community of volunteers can be based there to maintain security.
A soft speaking but stern Mr Yawing had given his phone number to the public to contact him when problems arise.
Yawing said: “I receive calls anytime of the day and night, and I make it my business to attend to the calls.
“The troublemakers are now wary of us and are behaving.
“The programme is working positively with the community and we hope other communities in Madang will do the same  to help maintain peace and attract visitors to the province,” he said.