Senior public servant evicted from his home of 22yrs


POLICE acted on a court order to evict Department of Implementation and Rural Development acting secretary Aihi Vaki from where he had lived for 22 years, Metropolitan Supt Perou N’dranou says.
He said the eviction was authorised by his command through the divisional commander by the court order that was issued in November last year.
He said the court order directed police to implement the eviction of residents living in that property at June Valley, Port Moresby, which they did on Tuesday.
N’dranou said police did eviction based on court orders and did not evict for the sake of eviction.
He said in December last year the court gave directives for police to implement the eviction but since it was the Chrismas and New Year period, he delayed it to give the occupants an opportunity to move out voluntarily.
“It is unfortunate that our acting secretary is locked out, he was given more than seven months to seek regress on the court order that was made in November last year.
“It has been a long process and it is not a surprise move.
“I cannot continue to abuse court orders.”
N’dranou said police were not there to evict anyone but they were officers of the court and it was up to both parties to deal with matter in court.
Vaki claimed that he and his family and two other families were evicted without any court order.
He said they were not aware of any court order as they were not given or shown any by the Works Department or the police before or after the eviction was made.
He said when he asked the police officers for the court order, they did not provide a copy and forcefully removed his family and cargo out and locked the doors of the house.
Vaki claimed the block of houses belonged to Chin H Meen (CHM) but was illegally acquired by the Works Department some years back as far as the land title from the Department of Lands was concerned and Physical Planning confirmed it.
“The only thing I will ask from them is to show me the title that they own the property,” he said.

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