Senseless people still defy buai ban without a care

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 17th, 2014

 IT is beyond belief that some people – after all that has been done to keep Port Moresby clean and healthy, especially through the betel nut ban – still openly defy the law.

From Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings, they openly sell betel nuts at the Waigani Drive entrance to Vision City, knowing that city rangers are off duty and the police are busy elsewhere during the weekends. 

It is sad to see that these people still cannot change their attitudes and support the positive initiatives implemented by city authorities. 

This is the kind of attitude that is hindering progress and development in this nation. 

As Governor Powes Parkop said, “Why is it so hard for these people to follow simple instructions?”

Why are they trying to drag everyone backwards? 

What is it that makes them so selfish, defiant and irresponsible? 

I totally agree that they should be locked up and punished. 

They deserve nothing less. 



Port Moresby