Separate turf for geo-energy

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014


THE mining ministry has been asked to create a separate department to deal with issues on environmentally-friendly resources. 

Northern governor Gary Juffa (pictured)  said that geothermal energy, technically is not mineral – it is just heat. 

“It is heat energy that is generated and the most sustainable and environmentally friendly form of energy, and it is non-exportable. 

“Geothermal energy should have its own legislation, which should come under its own department.

“But it can resolve many of the energy problems that we face – it can reduce the cost of electricity, it will reduce the cost of doing business by investors and ourselves.” 

Juiffa said that PNG must be in control of that energy.  

“With geothermal energy, I am suggesting we must retain all times, 100% control of this particular resource. 

“We must create legislation, create a department that is responsible specifically for that particular form of energy and use that energy where we can.” 

Minister for Mining Byron chan mentioned in his ministerial statement on progress made by mining ministry that the mining ministry was also collaborating with the New Zealand government to develop a geothermal resource policy.

He said that draft policy was developed by his department in 2012. 

“The New Zealand government is assisting PNG in reviewing the draft policy and technical aspects given their experiences in the management of geothermal resources and distribution of the benefits from it.”

Chan said under the Mining Act 1992 review – under compliance requirements – all geothermal resource owners to own up to 51% of geothermal projects.

“With the unique nature of this resource as a new emerging industry, the government is proposing a 51% landowner interest against 49% to the developer.”